At the beginning of April, 2020, just when mating and nesting season was getting underway for us Crows in North America, a bunch of Humans built a treehouse in a Crow tree and then stuck around.

We were suspicious at first, because who wants strangers around when you’re nesting? But our Australian cousins,* who were preparing for winter rather than fledglings, followed them closely and decided they were mostly harmless. In fact, they have turned out to be an excellent source of seeds and other snacks, and with all the new mouths to feed, the extra bits have come in handy.

They did bring along Cats. We remain unsure about the Cats, but so far the Humans haven’t let them bother us. It seems Humans enjoy inter-species relationships.

The Humans appear to be writers. They spend all their time staring at screens on some kind of writing machines. (I won’t say Crow methods are superior, but, really, screens?) I plan to offer some editing advice from time to time.

The Humans will be putting out regular notices on this blog. I’ll be throwing in a few myself. Follow along and find out what these Humans and their Crow neighbors are up to these days.

*This treehouse exists in a fictional worldspace, which means that of course the tree in which it is located exists simultaneously in North America and Australia.