Treading Lightly: Mending Revisited

socks with mendalasA while back I posted about mending—darning socks, mostly. I’ve kept at it. I sprang for a darning disk (I recommend it), and I’ve now mended all of my favorite socks that had thin spots, with the round technique I talked about in the comments of my previous post. I call them my mendalas. I think I love these socks even more now.

I also decorated a patch with a Sashiko-style scene, although true Sashiko is all done in white thread. patchI like color, so I did my own thing with it. This patch is on the inseam of a pair of pants, so this is probably the only way you’ll ever see it.

Less decorative but more practical, I’ve mended my sheepskin slippers, I think for the third time. I wear them around the house all winter, and the seam around the sole tends to blow out. This time I used the heavier cotton embroidery thread that I’ve been darning with. We’ll see if they hold up better.

slippersI intend to keep mending these slippers until they fall apart completely, as I don’t want to buy more sheepskin. It’s luxurious, but since I’m doing my best to tread lightly, I don’t want to use animal skin products if I can avoid it.

I’ve got heavy cotton and cotton batting and big ideas about making my own slippers that are washable. I just had a commercial pair fall apart in the dryer, and since they weren’t that comfortable anyway, and had plastic soles, I tossed them. It’s only worth mending clothes that one loves.

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