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iScreenshot of the NY Times reporting that the grand jury voted to indict Trump

I read news online these days, so I decided to capture a screenshot of The New York Times headline announcing the  first Trump indictment.

I hope there will be many others, so that I can collect them all.

Some say that it is terrible for the country for a former president to be indicted. Given this particular former president, I think letting this man continue to get away with the harm he has done and continues to do would be much more terrible. If we don’t hold to account those who abuse power for their personal gain, our country will not survive as a democracy.

Elie Mystal is not sure that this case will succeed, and provides details about the legal issues at stake. But even if it doesn’t, we can hope that one of the other cases will. As Elie says:

One constant feature about Trump is that he’s always committing new crimes to take the place of the ones he’s already gotten away with. Maybe next time the feds won’t let him off the hook.

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