Life consistently intervenes

These last two days have been exciting. I’ve applied for an extension to my Big Project (actually for funding to finish it) and a friend has installed air conditioning for me, which means I’ll be able to work even on hot days. Like today. All this took time and it’s not quite finished. I’ve got through it by eating cherries, mainly. Also, while my friends were doing the installation, gradually tidying my place for Chanukah. This saves me a lot of work today, tomorrow and Thursday but it left me in pain and… I had to sleep until the pain wore off. Juggling installation and Chanukah and chronic illness can be fun. I woke up just in time for lunch and then realised I’d missed my whole Tuesday morning. But my basic housework is done a day early and Chanukah is on its way and I’m so close to ready. I have to run messages tomorrow, that’s all.

The time is the tricky bit. I caught up with all the things I had meant to finish by late yesterday and then looked at the clock and it told me I’m several hours late in writing this. I have the best reasons, however, and the airconditioning is bring the temperature down to one that doesn’t cause more pain and so I will be able to work into the evening.

I was going to talk about meaningful things today. I had them all planned. Instead, I need more rest. My body has announced this to me, using strong language. I shall watch science fiction television for a bit. It’s work, but not hard work. It will have consequences next year, but doesn’t solve any issues today.

And then I will go through all kinds of odd scraps of paper to find out what 9 am in my diary for tomorrow means. I have no idea…

May your life be more under control than mine this week, and may you be neither too cold nor too warm.

2 thoughts on “Life consistently intervenes

  1. Hooray for the air conditioning. We bought a portable (well, not very portable, but plug-in and on wheels) heat pump awhile back. It both cools and heats. We got it with an eye to wildfire smoke on hot days, since it is rarely hot enough here to need cooling as long as you can open the windows, but we also found it did a much better job of heating than the gas furnace in our place. We don’t make the place extra cool or toasty, but taking the edge off weather extremes does make a huge difference in one’s ability to get anything done.

    1. It makes a difference. Here we have significant heat through most of the summer, plus bushfires. The last few years I’ve emerged sick from summer as a result. I’m hoping a new airconditioner will prevent that. My earlier one was well over 40 years old and not doing a good job. This one is the cheapest I could get that would fit in the space of the previous one. I am so lucky I have my research money – when it runs out things like this won’t be possible. I’m making the most of the income while I have it.

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